The National Grand Lodge of Romania was founded in 1880 by the Most Worshipful Brother Constantin Moroiu, our first Grand Master.



The National Grand Lodge of Romania (N∴G∴L∴R∴) - the only Regular Grand Lodge recognized by over 200 Grand Lodges in the Universal Masonic Chain of Regular World Freemasonry - holds the Masonic degrees of Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason within its Jurisdiction, with the latter being the highest degree in Symbolic Masonry.

Within the Jurisdiction of N∴G∴L∴R∴, the recognized Symbolic Lodges carry out their work, acknowledging the Masonic Constitution of N∴G∴L∴R∴, the principles and values of Freemasonry, the Grand Council, and the Grand Master of N∴G∴L∴R∴. 

The sovereign governing body of the Grand Lodge is the Anual Meeting, where all Lodges within the Jurisdiction hold an equal vote and decide upon every aspect of N∴G∴L∴R∴'s activities. The Masonic Masters of N∴G∴L∴R∴ are active in the regular Rites of Perfection. 

Since the year 2020, N∴G∴L∴R∴ has embarked on a reconstruction process, culminating in the Extraordinary Convention of April 17th, 2021, when a new Masonic Constitution was adopted. 

Apart from its specific Masonic improvement activities, the National Grand Lodge of Romania, as an impactful organization, supports civil society through numerous projects focused on assistance, education, culture, and national identity, continually contributing to societal development. 


All Members of the Grand Council bear the title of Grand Officers. They are elected by the Convent, at the proposal of the Lodges, for a single mandate of two years, with the exception of the Grand Secretary, the Grand Treasurer and the Grand Chancellor, who can have a maximum of 2 mandates in total. 

No member of the Grand Council is remunerated for the activities within the Grand National Lodge of Romania. Both the voting members of the Grand Council and all Lodges in Good Standing within the N∴G∴L∴R∴ Jurisdiction are entitled to one vote each within the N∴G∴L∴R∴ Conventions, which regulate, validate and approve all decisions and rulings of the Grand Master and Grand Council.


The voting 
members of the 
Grand Council:

  • The Grand Master
  • The Deputy Grand Master
  • The Senior Grand Warden
  • The Junior Grand Warden
  • The Grand Orator​
  • The Grand Secretary
  • The Grand Treasurer
  • The Grand Expert
  • The Grand Chancellor
  • The Grand Inspector General
  • The Grand Regional Representatives


members of the 
Grand Council:

  • The Past Grand Masters
  • The President of the Senior College
  • The President of the Superior Court of Masonic Justice
  • The Chairman of the Masonic Tribunal
  • The Grand Master of Ceremonies​
  • The Grand Hospitaller
  • The Grand Physician
  • The Grand Speaker
  • The Grand Intendant
  • The President of the Legislative Commission
  • The Deputies of the Grand Officers