The National Grand Lodge of Romania, apart from the specific activities of Masonic improvement of its members, supports civil society through projects for help, education, culture and national identity, permanently bringing its contribution to the development of the society.



Freemasonry is an ancient and mysterious Brotherhood, with teachings and rituals that guide the Initiates on the path of Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Evolution. Within the Jurisdiction of the National Grand Lodge of Romania, the development and consolidation of this Order have become essential priorities to ensure progress and unity among the Brothers. One of the main objectives is the establishment of new Lodges in the Regions of the Jurisdiction where the National Grand Lodge of Romania is not present or active, thus strengthening the presence of Freemasonry throughout the country. 

For the harmonious development of the Masonic Regions within the Jurisdiction of the N∴G∴L∴R∴, recurring regional events are organized, providing the Brothers with the opportunity to meet and support each other in their Masonic evolution. During these events, the Masonic Schools and Spring and Summer Seminars bring to the forefront the fundamental Masonic teachings, enriching the knowledge and experience of the Brothers. The consolidation of existing Orientations represents another important step in this process.



We are determined to contribute to the formation of a new generation of leaders who will carry forward the traditions and ideals of Freemasonry. Recognizing that the youth represents the future, we support and encourage them to discover their potential and become responsible and engaged citizens in society. Together, our aim is to build a bright and wisdom-filled future for Romania, and thus, for the entire Universal Fraternal Chain. 

In this vein, we actively engage in supporting the youth through various programs and initiatives. We provide material and spiritual assistance to the DeMolay Order in Romania, both at the level of the Grand Council and at the level of the Workshops within the Jurisdiction. We aspire to contribute to the formation and development of young individuals in a fraternal and educational atmosphere. We endorse leadership programs designed for young students, offering them opportunities for personal and professional growth. We foster the spirit of initiative and the pursuit of excellence. N∴G∴L∴R∴ organizes special events dedicated to the children of members of Lodges within the National Grand Lodge of Romania. 

Our goal is to identify institutional partners in the academic realm to develop joint projects that promote the values and principles of Freemasonry among the youth.



It represents a vital aspect of our mission to contribute to the common good and the harmonious development of society. We strive to be more open to society and to bring added value to the community. We organize an Open Doors Day, a recurring event of M∴L∴N∴R∴, where we open our doors to civil society. 

We invite those interested to get to know us better and learn about our values and activities. We identify and implement multi-year projects to support and promote Romanian values. An example is the support for young Olympians in various fields, aiming to encourage excellence and performance among the youth. 

We communicate systematically with civil society, providing transparency and relevant information about our activities and noble goals. We organize symposiums open to the general public, where we provide knowledge and expertise in diverse fields.



Initiated in the year 2020, the reconstruction process of N∴G∴L∴R∴ has reached an advanced stage of completion. We are pleased that we have overcome challenges and consolidated ourselves in a stronger and more united manner. 

To optimize our functioning, we are currently in the process of implementing legal and administrative measures to make our organization more transparent and efficient, capable of facing future challenges with confidence and success. 

We have established clear communication channels and methods to ensure that all our Brothers are correctly and fully informed. At the same time, we encourage Brothers who, for various reasons, have not been able to be actively involved until now in this process, to join us, express their ideas, and participate constructively in our Masonic life. 

It is important to remain united and strengthen this noble Brotherhood. Through joint efforts and active involvement, we will fortify our position and make a valuable contribution to the society we live in. Together as Brothers and in collaboration with civil society, we can build a better future for ourselves and those around us.



We are in a period where our ties with foreign Grand Lodges are in the process of consolidation. We aim to continue being an active presence in the international Masonic world. Thus, we periodically inform foreign Grand Lodges about the activities of N∴G∴L∴R∴ and continuously seek optimal channels to strengthen Fraternal connections between Romanian Masons and those from other Jurisdictions. 

We intend to initiate and execute projects of relevance in the international Masonic sphere, allowing N∴G∴L∴R∴ to play an active and constructive role. These projects will address current issues and reinforce the position of N∴G∴L∴R∴ within the international Masonic community. Through joint efforts and well-defined strategies, we will fortify our ties with the entire Masonic community and bring added value to the Universal Chain of Brotherhood in Freemasonry.